Written By: Erica Chu (@Erica_Chu)

Photo by: @tastychomps

Fat Ones, a clever play on his last name Fatone, opened at The Florida Mall this past weekend and it’s tearin’ up my heart. An All-American favorite, customers can enjoy a menu full of premium 100% beef hot dogs in a variety of styles as well as seven different types of Italian ices, ranging from chocolate to cotton candy. Their taste will get you as much as their names – the menu of hot dogs features names that will bring you back to the 90s, this I promise you. Joey Fatone’s love for food led him to the opening of this restaurant where hot dogs remind him of summers in New York. But why in Orlando, Florida? The former pop star resided here growing up, where he would roam The Florida Mall as a middle schooler.

If you want to try some of the hot dogs, there’s a sampler of mini hot dogs called the “Boy Bander” which features five mini hot dogs. Could each hot dog resemble an *NSYNC member? One thing is for sure, you can’t say bye bye bye to this place.

Photo by: @honorary_android

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