Don’t Cry Because Chicago Rooftop SZN is Over, Smile Because it Happened

Written By: angie.eats.chicago , @angie.eats.chicago

Millennials of Chicago, it is time to face the facts. The pumpkin spice lattes are out in full force and there is an autumnal frost in the air signaling the official end of rooftop bar season. Winter is coming, and it’ll be here in a lot quicker than 6 seasons (classic Game of Thrones joke). Many people will choose to flock home immediately after work or school, trading cocktails and a view for their Netflix accounts. But why give up so easily? Chicago offers plenty of quality trade-offs to keep your happy hours entertaining and your social schedule packed. Continue reading for ideas that delay cuffing season for as long as physically possible.

Turtle Racing at Tin Lizzie’s, Lincoln Park

This dive bar is a guaranteed good time. $25 scores all the booze you can drink, food you can eat, and two tickets to bet on turtle racing. The turtles that race are four purebred hooligans named Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Leonardo and rumor on the street is that they train by day at the Lincoln Park Zoo. This event is obviously more fun in a group so grab the last 5 people that liked your latest instagram and go.

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Trivia At Joe’s On Weed

This ain’t your family fun game of light-hearted trivia. If you commit to a trivia night at Joe’s you better know the topic like the back of your hand or suffer from some serious embarrassment.  The event takes place about once a week with trivia topics ranging from Friends to Harry Potter, to Will Ferrell movies in this multi-round game. If the members of your inner circle are the people that binge watch netflix as soon as the weather turns nippy, going to the trivia night of the show they’ve been watching not only gives them an excuse to leave their apartment, but also stacks your squad.

Savage Bingo at Headquarters in Lakeview

Wednesdays are easily the worst day of the week, especially when it is below freezing out with snow up to yours knees. We are so ~blessed~ to have this weather in Chicago right? Well now there is an escape, and that escape is Savage Bingo at Headquarters in Lakeview. I know what you are thinking. How can the game played in nursing homes across the nation be turned savage? A giant wheel that’s how. The wheel contains panels that say truth, dare, phone share, twerk, and shot just to name a few. The MC’s of the night do a great job at switching up the types of Bingo being played and coming up with things like reading texts from your significant other out loud in a phone share spin. Warning: this can sometimes get raunchy so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Plymouth Restaurant and Bar, The Loop

You didn’t think I would leave ya with absolutely no rooftop options, did you? Well if your thirst for fun can only be quenched by rooftop bars then Plymouth is for you. The combination of a beer jacket and Plymouth’s heaters and enclosed patio will give you the vibes of a rooftop without the frostbite. Plymouth also advertises impressive happy hour deals. Everyday appetizers are half off until 6 PM and martinis are $6 all night long.

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