Pizza pie, that is! And boy, do we love pie.

Written By: Jackie Henson

Downtown Florence, Alabama is really stepping up their culinary scene, and The Pie Factory is helping the area accomplish just that. Located right in the heart of downtown, The Pie Factory is serving up some of the best pies around. Their wonderfully-crispy homemade dough creates the perfect New York-style pizza we all love so dearly.

It may be a small place, but The Pie Factory compensates with BIG flavor. Some of our favorite flavor combos are the 256: fresh and hearty with grilled chicken, bacon, tomatoes, basil and feta; Aretha’s Franklin: a delicious twist on buffalo-style pizza; the Boss Hog: barbecue pizza that is no longer on the regular menu, but forever on our minds (and the off-menu); and the Muscle Shoals Sound: two, count ‘em, two, thick layers of pepperoni topped with some hot sauce and a classic parm & mozz mix. Not pictured are two more must-try flavor combos: the Sweet Thang (appropriately named as it’s sprinkled with candied bacon) and the Sink (and yes it is “everything but the kitchen sink”).

What sets The Pie Factory apart from the rest of your regular old Friday-night-pizza joints is their change of base. Not only do they use the classic marinara under the cheese and toppings, but they like to mix it up with each pizza creation using bases like ranch, barbeque sauce, and an original olive oil glaze.

The pizza sizes differ from lunch to dinner for a perfect portion every time, with maybe a slice or two left over… maybe. So bring your appetite and some friends, share a slice and one of their featured craft brews. The Pie Factory keeps it interesting with their innovations, and we keep coming back for the fantastic pies and great atmosphere!

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