Barbecue to make You Miss the Lone Star State


Written By: Jackie Henson

When it comes to food in Texas, most people think Texas-style Barbecue Brisket (or Tex-Mex, but more on that later). But what if you’re in Tennessee and you need to get your down-home brisket fix? We know a guy. 

Shaffer Farms Texas BBQ 

in Summertown, Tennessee

Lying hidden behind a few overgrown trees, Shaffer’s custom meats draw people in from the nearby highway with the mouth-watering smell coming from the massive smokers behind the restaurant. Walk in and peruse the huge selection of meats in their butcher shop while you wait in line; the line is usually out the door, so you know it’s worth the wait.

On the walls you can read all about the history of Shaffer’s, some Pancho Villa propaganda, and how red meat has been scientifically proven to be healthy for you. The menu has a good balance of Texas- & Tennessee-style barbecue, but everybody comes for the brisket. Even Luke Bryan has been known to drop in to get some of the best brisket to ever grace this earth. They slice (or chop) the brisket right in front of you. The meat is juicy and tender with a deep pink smoke ring that you just can’t fake. Of course, if you decide you need to get in touch with your primal instincts and eat half a chicken with your hands, you can do that too. The best part: nobody will judge you when you lick the homemade barbecue sauce off your fingers, and believe us, you’ll want to.

Be sure to try the Tennessee hot vinegar sauce on your pulled pork sandwich, it’s worth the burn! And while you’re trying to hold off the oncoming food coma, go ahead and finish off the meal with one of their mini homemade pies (the French coconut and buttermilk pies are our favorites). Long story short, Shaffer Farms Bar-B-Q is the best, but make sure you get there before they run out! Who knows, maybe you’ll meet Luke Bryan!

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  1. I travel to this area of Tennessee several times a year. Strange I have never heard of Shaffer Farms Texas BBQ. But after reading the above review of the restaurant I will be sure to put it on my Bucket List!!! My mouth is already watering!!!!!

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