Beat the Heat with NYC’s Unique (and Incredible) Ice Cream


Written By: Ines Renee


If you haven’t heard of matcha by now, you might want to double check your Instagram.  The Japanese tea powder has been blowing up online, likely because of it’s aesthetically pleasing and unusual bright green color.  So, yes, matcha is an incredibly photogenic ingredient, BUT, how does it taste?  Naturally, I had to find out.  To begin my matcha excursion, I headed to Cha Cha Matcha, a newly opened, colorful Soho cafe.  Their menu boasts all kinds of matcha flavored goodies- from cupcakes, cronuts, tea, lattes and even ice cream.  Of course I couldn’t pass up ordering their towering matcha-vanilla swirl soft serve, which tasted even better than it looked.  It’s safe to say that this creative and refreshing ice cream treat has definitely kick started my matcha addiction.

Photo By: @ChaChaMatcha

Photo By: @ChaChaMatcha

Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Co.

Picture a refreshing treat that’s too healthy to be ice cream but too original to be frozen yogurt and you get Chloe’s Soft Serve.  This dessert tastes so decadent that it’s easy to forget that every one of Chloe’s flavors is made entirely from fruit.  The banana-based chocolate and banana soft serve combo is a match made in heaven.  And just thinking about their vegan WAFFLE SUNDAES (yes, you read that right) is enough to make me drool.

Photo by: @CheatDayEats

Ice and Vice

Ever heard of black rice sorbet?  How about almond and Kool-aid jam?  Well thanks to the uber popular Ice and Vice, your quirky cravings can now be satisfied.  And for those who think of ice cream cones as the background character to the ice cream itself, think again.  This Lower East Side ice cream parlor features cones from The Konery, which are just as tasty as they are adorable.  

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