Best Places to Eat in Orange County


LA food is great and all, but if you want the craziest things you’ll ever eat, head out to Orange County. Restaurants and fast casual spots out there are known for their experimental fare- and they don’t disappoint. These are a few places you need to try when in OC.


We may be a little biased because of our friends over at @dailyfoodfeed, but there is no doubt that this place is a must try. Opening just a few months ago, this place has received a lot of attention for its crazy churro and ice cream combinations. From green tea to strawberry, you can coat these churros with just about anything. Customers can also choose toppings like fruity pebbles and Oreos. Be warned, there is usually a line out of the door so come early!


Right off of Huntington Beach lies a great little food court and a fan-favorite, Burnt Crumbs. This sandwich shop is home to the Spaghetti Grilled Cheese-talk about a diet-breaker. Regardless, it’s worth every calorie. If you’re not so adventurous or craving a healthier option, they also have great salads and toasts…but I still recommend the Spaghetti Grilled Cheese 😉

4th Street Market

This market is on the quiet side, but is home to some of the craziest most adventurous foods in OC. Pig Pen Delicacy offers up mac n cheese fries covered in candied bacon and flamin hot Cheetos. They also just launched their mac n cheese bun burger. Again, this is a diet breaker but worth every bite. If you’re not sure which carb you want (my problem, always), I say go with both. Luckily, you can get a spaghetti and meatball pizza from Jinny’s Pizzeria and not have to make those life and death decisions.

Afters Ice Cream

This spot has been around for a while and still comes up with unique flavors to wow their customers. From the famous milk & cereal to Vietnamese coffee, you can get as crazy as you would like. They are famous for their Milky Bun which is always a fan favorite but feel free to get a simple cone and ice cream combo because everything there  is delicious.

Anaheim Packing House

If you ever want to go on a date somewhere, take your family to a new spot, or just don’t know what you want to eat, this is the place for you. This market is loaded with people and food from ice cream to crepes to fried chicken poutine fries (yes, I said fried chicken poutine fries). The Kroft, located on the first floor of the market, has some unique foods and are definitely worth a try. Get the poutine fries and the fried cheese curds. If you’re feeling like a drink, head outside to the bar. The bartenders are extremely nice and welcoming (unlike most places in the world). This place has it all.


If you want Mac n Cheese, this is your spot. Although, I will warn you that deciding on just one won’t be an easy task. If you’re like me and want pizza for every single meal, get the pizza mac n cheese. Its perfection in every sense of the word.

Korean BBQ

For dinner, you must get Korean BBQ. I hadn’t had it before going to Orange County, so I was in for a real treat. Although OC is filled with a bunch of awesome KBBQ spots, head to Kang Ho-Dong Beakjeong. This place is as authentic as it gets and you WONT leave hungry.

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