Florence, Alabama Hosted a Bacon Crawl and this is what it looked like

BACON, not stirred

Like a Pub Crawl , but better

Written By: Jackie Henson

For those of you unfamiliar with the crawls of many kinds, a “crawl” consists of a group of people moving from one location to the next sampling various eats (or drinks) at each place. Main Street Florence first brought the bacon crawl to town in 2015 as a test run to bring more people into the shops on the main drag. The public loved it so much, this year they added a Chocolate Crawl (around Valentine’s Day) and round two of the Bacon Crawl to end the summer. Each store that chooses to participate in the bacon crawl must provide a homemade treat using, you guessed it: bacon. (And you get 10% off any purchase you make at the participating stores. Bonus!)

The store owners got creative this year, and we loved it! However, since so many stores participated in this year’s savory event, we’ll give you a run down of the best of the crawl.

Maple Bacon Pancakes

The wonderful ladies that work at CoCo’s Boutique whipped up a breakfast favorite with a twist. They served the public mini pancakes with crunchy bacon cooked right into those little morning treats. Of course you can’t have pancakes without syrup and they stuffed two of these little pancakes into a paper cup full of syrup; and the pancakes gods are singing!

Bacon Jam

The ladies who organize the Surprise Store (and believe me, you never know what you’ll find in there) made a large batch of bacon jam. I know it sounds strange, but this isn’t something that should be paired with peanut butter on a sandwich. This sweet, smokey, gooey concoction was delightful on plain mini saltines. This will undoubtedly be on the menu for our next dinner party!

 Bacon Brownie Bites

Now these are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Perennial Supply Co. made us jump for joy with homemade brownies swirled with sticky caramel and sprinkled with candied bacon. The salty and sweet flavors danced in our mouths while we perused the shop’s eclectic offerings; hooray for 10% off!

 Bless Your Heart Bacon Dip

This concoction is everything you want in a cheesy chip dip. The Shoals Theatre was set to put on a southern-themed play, so to advertise that, they came up with the Bless Your Heart Bacon Dip. They combined cheddar cheese, cream cheese, jalapeños, green onions, and perfectly cooked bacon chunks. Whether you went to the show or not, this dip will put you in cheese heaven. Hallelujah!

Plantain and Bacon Mousse cup with Candied Bacon

We have saved the best of the crawl for last. Jack-O-Lantern farm is a small market that carries the oddities you crave from Food Network along with fresh produce and local goodies. The owners brought in the head chef from a local catering company called The Red Clay Epicurean. This fantastic chef whipped up a plantain and bacon mousse, piped it into a crunchy phyllo dough cup, and then garnished it with spiced candied bacon. This delectable treat may not be easy to recreate, but who would have thought candied bacon and a banana’s cousin could make such a beautiful baby.

Needless to say, we loved this year’s bacon crawl! We are excited to see whats cookin’ next year, but until then, we may dupe some of these recipes to get our fix. Keep your eyes peeled!

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