Myconian Collection Hotels: Make Your Travels More Luxurious Than Ever

Myconian Collection Hotels: Make Your Travels More Luxurious Than Ever

Reality? What’s that? You might have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming, but I can assure you, this is real. I didn’t believe it either until I was greeted with champagne and fresh fruits the moment I walked through the door.

I have traveled to many places in the world, and can honestly say I have never seen anything quite like it. The view itself is something to behold. A thousand photos couldn’t capture its beauty (although I probably hit the three thousand mark). The breakfast and dinner areas overlook an endless blue ocean and lunch is situated next to the cascading pool. As a 21-year old in one of the prettiest places on Earth, you can imagine where you would find me—in the bar.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s true—the liquor is cheaper than water (kind of). At least that’s what I told myself justify my sitting there long enough to know the bartenders’ names and background stories. The drinks are incredible though; not like the $40 club drinks that are 96% juice and 4% liquor. These are worth the money. Being used to the gluttonous American lifestyle, imagine my surprise when I saw that almost everything on the menu was healthy. From fresh-caught fish to a variety of salads, it was actually quite refreshing and made me feel a little bit better about being in a bikini afterwards.

Being one who loves to share food pictures on Instagram, I knew fish and salad was probably not going to be what you wanted to see. So I asked the worst question I could probably have asked, “Do you have something like…super fattening?” Oh, did they ever! They bring out a giant wooden slate with a mountain of fried dough covered in Nutella and ice cream. Good-bye, Mediterranean diet!  At least my swim suit was a one piece.

A chef came to our villa to prepare us a nice Mediterranean style dinner, which was one of the highlights of the trip. He described how Tzatziki sauce is prepared, but he made it with a tasteful Greek yogurt that we would probably never find in the States. He prepared a delicious Greek salad followed by 3 types of fish, chicken, and steak. I have tried, on two occasions, to make the same sauce but neither tasted the same as we experienced there. You can try it yourself. After ample amounts of wine, it seemed like nothing could make the night.

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