Plethore et Balthazar (P&B): France meets Miami (and makes sweet sweet love)

Plethore et Balthazar (P&B): France meets Miami (and makes sweet sweet love)


It’s finally here guys, a restaurant in the heart of Miami Beach that doesn’t leave you hungry and with a fat check. Plethore et Balthazar, P&B for short, is a new French/Spanish-infused restaurant on Ocean Drive bringing to Miami some of the best chefs in the world. It not only has the “I’m in France” vibe but also has some pretty incredible croquetas for all the Miamians. While it is in its beginning stages of renovations and menu changes, it’s done an excellent job to say the least. While most fine dining restaurants allow for only one table setting -the elegant setting- P&B brings you a refreshing twist. You may join the elegant seating inside, relax by the pool, or for those stumbling from Nikki Beach, you can enjoy seaside plates and drinks in a casual atmosphere. We all love tapas and a bottle of wine on a Friday afternoon (or really any afternoon).

Any person joining them for a meal should definitely order the ham and chicken croquetas to start and if you’re a shrimp lover, definitely share the Gambas al Ajillo (shrimp with garlic and parsley). There are few places I have been that have had a dish that “wowed” me. Usually, it’s something typical but done extremely well but in this case, it is something I had never tried before. A must-try at this place is the french mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes come with a fried egg covered in jamon serrano, steamed vegetables, and a gravy based sauce. It will probably be one of the most overlooked items on the menu considering it doesn’t sound the most appealing, but I can assure you it will make your night. Another delicious dish is their grilled octopus. While octopus seems like an easy feat, it is actually made poorly most of the time. P&B gets it right. But hey, what else could you expect from a chef and a sous chef who have spent their lives woking in Michelin star restaurants?


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