Sushi Burritos Are All the Rage

Burrito San’s Sushi Burrito Experience

Written By: Vicki deCastro

Imagine your favorite sushi roll blown-up to the size of a burrito with double the fillings. The sushi burrito has made its way to Miami. Burrito San, located in the heart of downtown, is serving up the best sushi burritos, with a variety of choices suitable for anyone.

Johnson Teh and Kazu Abe, husband-and-wife duo, opened Burrito San in 2015 along with co-founder Samuel Getz. Teh and Abe also own Lan Pan-Asian Cafe and Yuga, two popular, amazing restaurants with a focus on Asian cooking. Their aim was to create innovative, chef-driven Asian fusion cuisine while using the highest quality ingredients available, and they do exactly that.

The fast-casual, lime-green and grey themed joint has an open kitchen where customers can see their sushi burritos being prepared right in front of them behind a glass pane. No weird, vague ingredients going into your food. The sushi burritos can be prepared with either brown or white rice, and customers can choose from having fish, chicken, pork, beef or even tofu as their protein of choice. The Mt. Fuji ($12) is their best seller, and for good reason. The enormous sushi burrito is filled with raw, sashimi-grade tuna, avocado, crunchy wontons, masago, cucumber pickles, field greens, and mango sauce. The ingredients come together to create a flavor combination you’ve never experienced before.

The Seoul Tuna ($12) is the spicier version of the Mt. Fuji and is perfect for those who want a little more heat in their sushi burritos. It comes with their house-made spicy tuna mix, daikon kimchee, cucumber pickles, field greens, onion, and sesame-chili sauce instead. If you’re not feeling like eating a giant sushi roll, you can also opt to have your sushi burrito as a salad instead; the same ingredients come on top of mixed greens instead of inside a nori wrap.

Also on the menu are a variety of sides, homemade lemonades, and smoothies. The Asian Nachos, which come topped with braised pork, tomatoes, avocado, and cilantro cream sauce, and the Mango Green Tea lemonade are the perfect accompaniments to any sushi burrito.

The atmosphere at Burrito San makes it the perfect place to stop by for a quick lunch with a friend, or to bring the family over to dinner when they’re feeling a bit adventurous.

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