The Next Pig Thing


WRITTEN BY: Jackie Henson

The Next Pig Thing is a food truck that roams all over Tennessee. From Cleveland, to Lawrenceburg, all the way to Murfreesboro, this blossoming food truck is spreading the love at music festivals, family birthday parties, and even at your neighborhood parking lot.

The flag-marked food truck first caught our eye parked outside a flea market in Ethridge, TN. We tried it, loved it, and followed them on Facebook. They travel all over the state, so it was a while before we happened upon them again, but when we did, it was like Christmas. The truck was parked in loading zone across the street from an empty parking lot, and there were salivating southerners playing Frogger just to get some of their barbeque.

The menu is written on a small whiteboard set up next to the window, and you can expect them to mix it up day-by-day. Lucky for us, they had (almost) all the options we wanted to sample: barbeque nachos, barbeque tacos, and the barbeque sandwich. The only thing missing was the barbeque egg rolls which will hopefully be “back by popular demand” as we weren’t the only ones in line asking for them. How ever delightfully different those egg rolls may be, their tried and true menu options are sure to please everyone in the family.

The Barbeque Nachos: corn tortilla chips smothered in nacho cheese and pickled jalapeños. But these aren’t your plain Jane ball park nachos, ohhhhh no. These nachos are loaded with smoked pulled pork, barbeque sauce, shredded cheese (because you can never have too much cheese), sour cream, corn salsa, and oh yeah, house-made coleslaw. These nachos keep every crunchy bite interesting and full of knockout flavor!

The Barbeque Sandwich: a classic taken to the next level. Fluffy burger buns stuffed with the smoked pulled pork, the tart coleslaw, and some dill pickles and barbeque sauce to top it off and make it pop. This sandwich is so good, you’ll want another one!

The Barbeque Tacos: flour tortillas piled high with the same smoked pulled pork or smoked shredded chicken, the corn salsa, the coleslaw, and the barbeque sauce. We added the sour cream just for that extra sour zing, and yum, yum, yum, we want another one. Delicious, smokey, and cheesy, you just can’t go wrong.

You may have to sit on a concrete wall like these guys, or even on a truck tailgate, but the food is well worth the uncomfortable seat. Follow them on Facebook, find out where they’re going next, then taste and see The Next Pig Thing is the next big thing.

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