Under the Mango Tree: The “hipster” of health spots

Under the Mango Tree: The “hipster” of health spots


It seems like this new fad of juicing, açai bowls, and fresh superfoods have taken on a life of its own. I decided to find the root of this new trend by stopping by one of the oldest juice bars on South Beach. Tucked between all the $1000 bottle clubs and tourist traps lies a local health shop: Under the Mango Tree. I passed by it maybe 4 times before calling and asking where the hell they were located because it is exactly what you would expect- a tiny hidden little shop under a mango tree. Ok it’s not under a mango tree but that would be too literal (and hilarious). It has not kept up with the modernity of the whole juicing thing which I completely respect. Being that the shop has stood since 2011, you could basically call it the flower child sister of Jugo Fresh.

Now, being that The Naughty Fork enjoys the finer (more fattening) things in life, I ordered the Chocolate Açai Bowl which consists of raw açai blended with organic cacao and banana, topped with shaved coconut, agave, granola, banana, raw organic cacao nibs, and cinnamon. Absolutely DELICIOUS! Who knew healthy could taste so good. At the end of the day though, the amount of sugars in these bowls definitely exceed what you might think. If you’re feeling on the salty side, order the spicy kale melt. It makes you almost forget you’re eating kale (almost). While they make your dish, feel free to walk around and look at the jewelry, hand-made bags, superfoods, and artisanal gifts coming directly from all over the world. The store isn’t big, which adds to the whole “back to your roots” feel of the place. I think the best part of this place is it isn’t entirely on South Beach, nor is it on the infuriating traffic-filled Alton Road so you can get in, get out and be on your way!


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