The Salty Donut Has Just Launched Their Babka Donut

The Salty Donut announced earlier today that they will be launching a new donut which will be available Tuesday, August 29 until Sunday, September 17

Have you ever heard of someone baking a babka, and then wrapping it inside of a donut… that’s also a babka? Didn’t think so. The beloved donut shop has done it again. Introducing the first of its kind – The Salty Donut’s Babka Stuffed Babka donut, aka ¬†#babkasquared. YUM.
The donut is made with The Salty’s homemade miniature babka, soaked in simple syrup, wrapped inside their 24hr babka brioche (brioche dough that’s marbled with chocolate) and then topped with chocolate & nut streusel.

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