5 Places to Get Your Cuban Coffee Fix


You truly can’t say you’ve been to Miami and experienced the magic of Cuban coffee without going to these must try places.

Written by: Michelle Abraira

If we’ve learned anything from Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, it’s that coffee is a universal need to get us through anything life decides to throw at us. It helps us stay awake, stay focused, and become somewhat of a morning person. For Miami natives, regular coffee just won’t do. Not being able to have our daily dose of Cuban coffee is like living a year without rain. If we could have it running through our veins, we would. Whether it’s a café con leche, cortadito, or colada, we all need this fix that other coffee shops just won’t be able to offer. Starbucks, we love you and your iced chai lattes, but there’s nothing better than going up to “la ventanita” at Versailles or the counter at La Carreta and ordering your café con leche. A staple to everyone in Miami, Cuban coffee is a must for anyone who is visiting for the first time. You truly can’t say you’ve been to Miami and experienced the magic of Cuban coffee without going to these must try places:

1. Versailles

Courtesy: Versailles Restaurant

When you think of Cuban food in Miami, Versailles should be the number one place to come to mind. An iconic landmark to Miami residents, Versailles is home to some of the best Cuban cuisine and Cuban coffee.

2. La Carreta

Courtesy: 10best

Home to one of the most delicious guava pastelitos in all of Miami, La Carreta is also known for some of the best Cuban coffee. Scattered all over the city, it will hit the spot for that little pick-me-up you need every day.

3. Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop

Courtesy: Yelp

Right by Wynwood, Enriqueta’s is one of the most authentic Cuban restaurants and the perfect place to stop by for a quick cafecito. While you’re here, make sure to try their infamous Cuban sandwiches that will make you wishing you had something that good back home.

4. Latin Café 2000

Courtesy: Latin Café Franchise

Be sure to take a little of Miami with you before you leave with Latin Café 2000. Right by Miami International Airport, this is the best place for your quick fix of a café con leche or cortadito before boarding your flight home.

5. Las Olas Café

Courtesy: Miami New Times

“Café hay en todos lados, pero esa sonrisa es única,” Las Olas Café couldn’t have said it any better. Whether you’re roaming Lincoln Road or catching same rays on South Beach, this little corner cafe is a must stop. You can’t walk by 6th Street without wanting to stop for a cafecito after smelling Cuban coffee in the air.

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