My Trip to Pittsburgh


While Pittsburgh isn’t a place people usually go to vacation, it is still filled with some great food and drink spots for those braving the summer heat or bundling up for the winter. From fine dining to 2 dollar Grey Goose shots, this list will give you a good idea of what Pittsburgh has in store for you.

Best Drunk Food Spot:


This place has been around for years and never disappoints that drunk hunger we all have after a night of drinking. In all honesty, it’ll satisfy a sober person as well but being drunk makes it that much better. Filling their sandwiches with cole slaw, fries, and a variety of meats, the sandwiches are worth the $7 dollars and the calories.

Best Italian Spot:


This is a great place to get your Italian fix. They have 3 different floors serving 3 totally different Italian style dishes. The first floor serves a variety of meatballs. You can pick and choose your type of meat, sauces, and throw them on top of pasta! The second floor is a little more upscale and serves pizza, pasta, antipasti, and charcuterie. Pair some meat and cheese with a glass of wine and call it a night. The third floor is all about the drinks! Head up there before or after your meal and enjoy a beer or glass of wine.

Best Date Night Spot:


If you’re looking for a great steak, this is the place to go. They have an amazing pulled pork mac n cheese and truffle fries to go along with your meal. I also highly recommend the salmon, which they prepare similar to the Korean Bibimbap. Sit inside in a darker more romantic setting or sit outside under the twinkle of the overhead Christmas lights.

Best Brunch Spot:


E squared is an awesome little brunch spot that serves great doughnuts, zeppolis, and breakfast sandwiches. They are pretty small so be sure to get there early! I recommend the Sriracha Zeppolis and the Beignets. It might not be the healthiest choice, but its worth the calories. ALSO, for brunch they only take CASH!

Best Breakfast Spot:


On any given day of the week, this place will have a line out of the door. Don’t be discouraged!! The wait goes by quickly. This diner is very famous amongst Pitsburghers and provides some of the best chocolate chip pancakes and corned beef hash you’ll ever have. This place is not fancy, so don’t expect a fine dining experience. Pamela’s is that feel-good home cooking without being at home.

Best Ice Cream Spot:


Millies is also a must-try when in Pittsburgh. There might be a bit of a line when you visit, but you’ll stand there smelling the fresh homemade waffle cones and forget you’re waiting. They don’t have the typical “chocolate” and “vanilla” ice cream. They have more exotic flavors like Lavender, Vietnamese coffee, and Blueberry Lime Curd. Have a sample of each and fill up one their cones with your favorite flavors. It’s perfect for an after-meal stop!

Best Asian-Fusion:


Grit and Grace Noodle bar provides people with some of the best Asian food in the city. To start, get the short ribs with cream cheese and biscuits- They are amazing. You can’t go to a noodle bar and not get noodles so you must order the Roasted Pork Ramen. The ambiance is great for a date night or a night out with friends.

Best Pizza Spot:


Being around since 1958, you can imagine this place is run by the OG pizza makers in the city. Using fresh homemade pizza dough, sauce made from Italian tomatoes, and signature cheeses, Mineo’s give the people what they want: GREAT pizza. They have been winning awards for years, so take the time to check out why this place is so damn good.

Best Sushi Spot: 


Umi is by far the best Japanese place in Pittsburgh. Situated in the heart of Shadyside, this place will drum up some great sushi rolls with a side of unique cocktails. If you come hungry, I recommend getting the 7 course Omakase which brings 7 of the chefs specialties. The fish is as fresh as it gets and the dishes are authentic in taste and presentation.

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