American Social: Why limit happy to an hour?

American Social: Why limit happy to an hour?

Had a hard day at work? Got into a fight with your mother over how you’re doing nothing with you life? Just want to drink for absolutely no reason at all? American Social has all the necessary liquid remedies to forget about your life’s struggles and go out with a BANG(in’) headache. Yes, as I sit here in my bed I can attest to the headache (but it was well worth it!).

With the Miami River view, the happy hour specials, and the good looking just-out-of-work folks indulging in conversation and a “cheers!” every 45 seconds, how could you not smile from ear to ear?

From their Strawberry Basil Gimlet to their Dragon fruit Margarita, you have a variety of choices that are not only tasty, but almost too pretty to drink…almost. As the work week ends and the weekend begins, you start to see the 21-year old crowd roll in. I, for one, felt right at home. The prices definitely work with the I eat Ramen noodles and Oreos for dinner college budget, yet the drinks look classy enough to make you think otherwise. Once Social Hour is over (which includes 1/2 off all drinks!) stumble over to a table for their comfort foods. Check out the Pretzel Bites or Chicken and Waffles, and forget about your diet for just one night. Relax and enjoy your buzz while talking to some of the most attractive people in Miami.

Seems like a no brainer to me!

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  1. I just read the title and thought oooh great a giwyavae.. then I realised I am also a part of this! Hahaha! Good article. Will try not to copy you when I write mine later on today Savvy Scot recently posted..

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