Bodega: NFL Sundays with a side of free Tequila

Bodega: NFL Sundays with a side of free Tequila

Theres nothing like an invitation that has the word “free” in there somewhere. Fortunately, Bodega now offers delicious tex-mex with a free shot of tequila every time your favorite Miami Dolphins scores a touchdown. Yes, I know, you might only take one shot if you’re lucky but hey, you can still drown your sorrows in their new cocktail menu. In an attempt to shed their night-only party spot, you can enjoy everything Bodega has to offer from 12-4 PM on Sundays!

Although I could really care less about the games and spent most of my time looking over my shoulder at the door hoping a waitress with food would walk in, the free shot is enticing to anyone. The only fault some may find in the entire event is their lack of TV channels. Because they only have local channels, Red Zone is not one of them…Sorry Fantasy Football addicts. Bummer. No big deal though, you should be cheering on the Dolphins anyways. They need the support more than anyone.

Because you have four hours of football, you have plenty of time to go down the list of delicious cocktails. There are bars you will go to that will pick up a nozzle and pour an unequal amount of soda to liquor and call it day. Its refreshing to find a group of bartenders around one single drink attempting to perfect it.  From spritz of rose water to variations of bitters you’re in for a real treat. I started with the R&R which includes Absinthe. I even hallucinated that the Dolphins were really good. As it is rum based and includes lime and raspberries, the drink is fruity yet smells of licorice. This could be a turn off to some, but it is still delicious. Another must try is the El Niño. This is a stronger and less creamy version of a Pina Colada in my opinion. Although it is made with dry gin. Obviously two cocktails don’t do the trick so order the Maduro Old Fashioned and the Mexican French Kiss as well.

It is physically impossible to go to a Mexican restaurant and NOT eat. Especially when the most you’re paying for something is $8. Start with the Pigs in an Empanada. Yes….they upgraded from blankets. Pair those with the Gamday Nachos (add chorizo just because). Since the tacos are only $2, I would order one of everything. Although, my favorite is the Barbacoa: Guajillo braised short rib, Cotija cheese, charred onions, potato sticks, and salsa rosada. PERFECT. Chase it with a shot of tequila and I’d call that a perfect Sunday.

Watch the video of our tour to Bodega here.

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