I have to say that despite growing up in Miami Beach for 21 years, I still haven’t even been to half of the South Beach hotel’s restaurants. Shame on me, I know. But as a residents rule of thumb, you try to stay away from the tourist spots. And by “try” I mean literally avoid at all costs. It was a pleasant surprise to find that the Driftwood Room, in the Nautilus hotel, is actually very far from a tourist experience. It was a Friday night and it was still a quiet and beautiful ambiance.
I sat outside because Miami is now at that point where the weather at night is almost tolerable. The ceiling is lined with a circus-like cloth (although it’s white) which allows for a cool atmosphere. The wait staff is awesome as well. While I usually don’t point that out it seems only fitting to give them kudos for having such nice staff. As a fan of Food Network shows, finding out that a famous Chopped judge was cooking for me was super exciting. So on to the most important part…the food.
Let me start by saying that it’s a smaller menu which could be a turn- on or turn-off depending on the person. If you’re picky, it might be difficult to decide based on the lack of options. If you’re someone like me who will eat almost anything it works out perfectly. The good news is, the less dishes on the menu, the more time and care put into each dish which is really evident.

The Must Order Appetizers:

Eggplant Dip: The Indian Paint Eggplant dip, as you can imagine if you’ve ever had eggplant before, is strange in texture. But AWESOMELY delicious. And it comes with warm pita bread to dip sooo…
Herb-Crusted Prime Lamb Kabobs: you can’t come to a Mediterranean restaurant and not order kabobs of some sort. Luckily these are also really delicious so you’d probably order them anyway.

The Must Order Entrees:

Prime Filet of Beef “Steak Frites”: Comes with probably the best french fries I’ve ever had. I love my french fries really crunchy and these are literally perfect. The dish also comes with fried potatoes skins… help. Oh, and the steak is pretty awesome too 🙂 *get a side of the couscous for your own good*

The Must Order Dessert:

THE DONUTS: while I’m more of a chocolate lover it’s difficult for me to say that these were my favorite. I feel like I’m cheating on someone. But yes, the passionfruit filled sugar donuts are a must-order.

Alright, alright so food is great and all but if you’re here on an awkward first date or on business trying to push a proposal you might want to invest in a few drinks.

The must-order drinks:

Fig & Berries: Casamigos Tequila, Fig Jam, Blackberry, White Balsamic, and Lime. Basically a fancy ass margarita. Love it.
Garden Elixir: Plymouth Gin, Olive Oil, Cherry Tomatoes, Watermelon, and Basil. This is one of those “never to be ordered by a man” drinks. Although, the manliest of men would sit shamelessly at the bar with one of these in their hands. They’re too delicious to care.

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