Food Instagrams You Need To Follow Right Now


Everyone knows food instagrams and videos have taken over the world (or at least the social media world). Unfortunately, there are so many now that most people don’t know who to follow for the best food porn. Luckily, we’ve complied a list of the best Instagrams you should follow to satisfy those mid-diet urges. 


This account is one of my all-time favorites because of its beautiful and high-quality photos. You can tell the people behind this account really pay attention to detail and take the time to bring their followers the best of each restaurant in Los Angeles. Follow them HERE.


Jeremy of Brunch Boys has grown his Instagram more quickly than most people and theres no surprise why- his content is great. He runs around NYC photographing the best food and drink the city has to offer and does it very well. He’s hosted puppy brunches (yes, PUPPY brunches), other media events, and has worked with some huge companies to bring you all the content you want to see! Follow him HERE.


For some great quality food videos, this is your must-follow. If you’re looking for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner idea, Tastmade has got you covered. They include all recipes in the caption section of their posts so you don’t have to look anywhere else but Instagram. Its convenient and will make you drool all over your phone. Follow them HERE.


I will go out on a limb here and say that the food baby crew does more eating  in the entire United States of America than anyone else…and they don’t gain weight. Although they live in NYC, they can provide recommendations for almost all the major cities in the country. Known for incorporating their adorable children, Matty and Sammy, in all of their food pictures, they’ve become famous around NYC  for their cute little tykes. If you don’t know where to eat in the city, talk to them. They’ll give you exactly what you’re looking for. Follow them HERE.


For the most informative overview of food and drink, Infatuation is your must-follow. Although they have many different accounts (@Icecream, @Pizza), they also have accounts for the major cities in the world (LA, NYC, Chicago). They’ve covered their bases. Check to see if they have your specific city and give them a follow. If they don’t, the OG @Infatuation will satisfy your food cravings nicely. Follow them HERE.


This account has some of the most beautifully taken photos of food on Instagram. Its bright and colorful photography makes everyone immediately hungry. They are an international food account; covering restaurants from LA, HI, and HK so you’ll see things on this account you won’t see anywhere else. Follow them HERE.


Ah, Jed. What can I say about Jed. He basically runs the Orange County food scene and does a damn good job doing it. If you ever see crazy bagels or things on pizza you wouldn’t normally find on pizza, it’s from @dailyfoodfeed. His account has grown immensely throughout the past 2 years and has become one of the biggest on Instagram. His coverage of crazy and experimental foods has made his account a must-follow on Instagram. He has also opened a churro shop in OC which you should visit if you’re ever in the area. Follow him HERE.


Known as the queen of bagel photography, Molly has grown in the food scene by posting great arial shots of her meals. She is also known for her up-close fork pictures (you’ll know what I’m saying when you check it out). Her photography is one of a kind and does a great job at making anything and everything look great. Follow her HERE.


As the name entails, this Instagram is for all things cheat-day worthy. Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of eating unhealthy foods all the time, so her photographs provide a bit of relief. This account is also based in NYC and does a great job at providing beautiful pictures and informative captions so you have a good idea of where to eat when in the city. Follow her HERE.


If we step back from the restaurant, bar, and lounge scene, you’ll find a spectacular account filled with homemade foods. This account is, hands down, the best food account out there. His photography skills match his abilities in the kitchen and everyone knows it. He has a continuous style which means if his picture comes up on your timeline, you’ll immediately know it is his. There isn’t really anything else to say but that he is a MUST FOLLOW. Check him out HERE!


If you want to follow a good repost account, this is one of the best. If you’re not looking for an account with city limits or specific types of foods, @fooodieee does a great job at covering all the best (unhealthy) foods in the US and beyond. Follow her HERE.


This is another food Instagram based in NYC, but covers the more luxurious foods and drinks in the city. You will find an occasional burger and mac n’ cheese, but you’ll also find champagne and oysters. If you like in-the-moment stuff, follow her on snapchat. She does a great job at covering all of her food adventures! Follow her HERE.


Another great chef to follow is @JulesFood. If you love cheese, eggs, and steak, this account is for you. Every picture makes my mouth water. She is very engaging with her followers and will tell you the how, what, and where’s of all of her dishes. This account is perfect for at-home cooks in need of some new recipes. Follow her HERE.


These 4 sisters do exactly what the name says: posts food in the air. They have amassed quite a following by bringing followers something they haven’t seen before. That is, delicious foods with amazing backgrounds. From mountain tops to waterfalls and from cheese burgers to Nutella crepes, this account combines food and lifestyle in one of the most unique ways. Follow them HERE.


Getting away from NYC for a bit, this account highlights the best food and drink in D.C. He does so through amazing pictures of everything from fast casual places to fine dining. Check out his drool-worthy Instagram HERE.


Michel runs a food Insta that covers the beauty and elegance of food. With white backgrounds and bright colors, he brings a different and unique twist to the food game. His posts consist of everything from sushi to crazy milkshakes found around Los Angeles and Orange County. Follow him HERE.

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