Frosé All Day


Written By: Erica Chu (@Erica_Chu)

If you haven’t had enough of one of the colors of the year, Rose Quartz, it’s time to get blushy with this slushy. Restaurants around the country are adding wine slushies to their cocktail menus but frosé, or frozen rosé, is becoming THE popular choice for #summer16. This cocktail combines rose wine, vermouth, and pureed strawberries to form a fruity summertime bliss slushy . There is no added sugar to the drink because the strawberries give the needed sweetness. So that just means that you can drink six of these and not feel guilty right? Bar Primi in New York coined this cocktail but with its rising popularity, it can be found pretty much anywhere and can even be made at home for your next gathering. Even saying frosé makes you feel fancy. So drink up and don’t forget pinkies up.

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