The Holiday season is fun, but it’s even more fun when you’re belligerently drunk and your family wonders where they went wrong. Spill things, dance on tables, break something valuable, because this is the only time its semi-acceptable. Enjoy!

The Ingredients

1. The GingerBread Man That Could(n’t because he was too drunk)

• 2 oz Kahlua

• 2 oz egg nog

• whipped cream to taste

• agave

• rainbow nonpareils

• 1 gingerbread man

• 1 candy cane

The Ingredients

2. Elves Turnup Juice

• Cherry Jello-O Package

• Green Jello-P Package

• 1 cup warm water ( 2 parts)

• 1/2 cup white rum or vodka (2 parts)

• 1/2 cup cold water (2 parts)

• red sugar sprinkles

• candy canes

The Preparation


Follow Jell-O instructions according to the box. Fill 1 in of the shot glasses with red Jell-O and put in refrigerator for ~1hr. Once the red has hardened, fill 1 in with green (on top of the red) and repeat.

The Ingredients

3. Santa’s Cough Medicine

• Guinness

• 1 shot Fireball Whiskey

• Red Hots to taste

The Ingredients

4. Elsa’s South Beach Vacay

• 1 oz Hypnotiq Liquor

• 1 oz vodka

• 1 splash of Sprite

• Pineapple to garnish

• Starfruit to garnish

• Coconut to rim

The Ingredients

5. Mrs. Clause Walks Into a Bar

• 2 oz chocolate cherry Baileys

• 1/2 oz espresso

• peppermint bark

• a few red cherries

• chocolate shavings

The Preparation


Pour the hot espresso on top of the peppermint bark until the chocolate melts through and falls into glass.

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