How To Eat All Of NYC’s Best On A Budget


How to have a satisfied stomach, flawless Instagram, and money in the bank.

Written By: Madison Willer (insta: @madswilla)

  1. Split with a friend

Look, as much as we’d love to eat an entire Mac & Cheese burger, side of crispy sweet potato fries alongside a cold brew, being able to actually move after all that is much easier said than done.  Splitting meals is a simple solution to not breaking the bank or the zipper on your jeans. 

2. Lookout for Happy Hours or Summer Friday deals

Taking advantage of Happy Hours is the easiest way to cut your bill in half.  Most restaurants offer discounted drinks accompanied by food specials.   

3. Beware of featured items

As appetizing as this week’s special looks on the menu, this is typically one of the more expenses dishes.  Try to search the menu for something with similar ingredients and less zeros. 

4. Getting the biggest bang for your buck

Two words: bloody marry.  Besides the fact that it totally cures your Sunday morning hangover, you can literally order a drink that comes with a slider on top of it.  Ordering things that come with extra sides or fix ins is an easy trick for making the most of your money.

5. Eat In

Setting aside a few nights a week that you commit to cooking…or making an entire box of frozen chicken nuggets, can help to save a few extra bucks when you find yourself spending $10 on a donut.  

6. Chose water

As silly as it sounds, sticking to water instead of soda or a boozy beverage is a simple way to cut the bill.  Drinks can add anywhere from $3 to $50 depending on what your drinking and if free refills are available.

….and if all else fails just eat until you’re too full to even remember that you just spent $30 on a plate of assorted chesses.

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