I Scream For National Ice Cream Month


It seems like as the days get hotter, the crave for ice cream skyrockets. I can’t blame you one bit: the cool, flavorful taste as it touches the tip of your tongue can and will probably make you forget that it’s almost 100 degrees outside. But as summer begins to come to a close and with only a couple more days left, here are the different ways to finish celebrating National Ice Cream month. Get your fix before hibernating in the schoolbooks!

Written By: Erica Chu (@Erica_Chu)

Ice Cream Sandwiches

The best part of these delectable treats is the versatility of the sandwich part – cookies, doughnuts, practically any dessert could squish between ice cream. What better way to celebrate the combination of these wonderful desserts than to stuff one in your mouth. Yes, they are a mess to eat, with the ice cream slipping and sliding around the sandwich part, but that’s the start of a hilarious story.

Cupcakes With Ice Cream

Another great combination that your sweet tooth will thank you. With 17 (& counting) locations, @sprinklescupcakes can even satisfy those late-night cravings with their cupcake ATM. Unfortunately, ice cream is only during store hours but I still know where all my money is going to!

Ice Cream Taco

How is it even possible to combine something as appetizing as a taco and turn it into a dessert? The ice cream taco takes your 3-scoop sundae to a whole level with a foldable-waffle cone-turned-taco-shape. AMAZEBALLS sent from heaven. One bite from @booyahinc and I’m pretty sure you will be included this in your Taco Tuesdaze traditions.

Boca’s House Ice Cream Milkshake

If you prefer to drink your ice cream, may I suggest The Naughty Fork milkshake from @bocas_house. Topped with a rainbow cake and multicolored marshmallows, it’s a colorful dream waiting to be devoured. Get it while you can because it’s only available until the end of the month.

Ice Cream in a Churro bowl/Puffle (Egg Waffle cone)

Not feeling risky enough to combine another dessert that may overpower your beloved ice cream but still want to go above the regular cup or waffle cone? Try a churro bowl or egg waffle cone! Somehow the cinnamon in the churro works with any ice cream flavor while the puffle is actually an egg waffle that is a popular sweet in Hong Kong that will give your ice cream that extra fluff a waffle cone could never satisfy.

So what are you waiting for?! Go out and officially celebrate the end of a great month. Eat your heart out, eat it for the insta, but whatever you do, don’t forget to tag #PHAAT to share your delish ice cream.

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