Jaya: The Setai steps up its Restaurant game

Jaya: The Setai steps up its Restaurant game

If any of you have caught yourself up at 2 A.M watching your fourth episode of Chopped you know how exciting it is that Chopped champion, Mathias Gervais, is opening a restaurant, Jaya, in the heart of Miami Beach. Not only is it in one of the sexiest places in the world, it is also in one of the most luxurious hotels in South Beach, The Setai. In late November, you can join the rest of the pompous people of Miami (myself included) at this asian infused retro-style restaurant and enjoy great food along with the great drinks. I’ll most likely be at the bar so come say hi! I spent a good 20 minutes talking to the chef about our mutual love for beer so you can expect to leave with a food baby, and a little drunk too. My fav. More specifically, he spoke about his interest in importing asian beers. Not the loaded Corona frou frou sh*t all of you think is super trendy. Real. Beers. YES

As a lover of asian cuisine, I’ve tried it all. I can honestly say that Jaya is going to give places like Nobu, Hakkasan, and Zuma a run for their money. I usually attend these tastings and politely decline a second or third helping just to maintain the idea that I’m actually evaluating all of the food to the highest degree. But at Jaya, I had no shame in grabbing four helpings of EVER SINGLE DISH. None whatsoever. There are a few dishes that definitely stood out which is a must-order when you go. The pork bun is delicious. If you love that sweet and salty mixture then order a few of those- the peaches make it perfect. I also loved the fried langoustines (basically little baby shrimp). Its simple but incredible. Don’t leave without trying the Chili Passion Martini- I didn’t leave without having 5. While the food is going to be off the charts, keep in mind that this is not the place to go if you’re STARVING. As most restaurants seem to be acquiring this type of the style, Jaya’s portions are going to be small and meant for sharing. I was never one to share in the playground as a kid and if the food is this delicious, you better get yours hands away from my plate. I do have a knife next to me you know.

Just Kidding.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by – we are looking forward having you back end of November for the final opening of Jaya and we are sure that you will discover many more culinary highlights! See you soon, Alex @ THESETAI

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