Kelloggs to Open a Cereal Cafe in Times Square

Kelloggs to Open a Cereal Cafe in Times Square

Kelloggs is set to open a fast casual cereal cafeĀ in the heart of Times Square on July 4th and lines are anticipated to be around the block. With a variety of different cereals and twice as many toppings, you can imagine why the place plans to be the next go-to spot

Kelloggs is taking cereal to the next level. Not only can you “make your own” cereal bowl by choosing from different cereals and toppings, they also have speciality cereal bowls and ice creams.The toppings range from fruits to Poptart crumble to marshmallows. Looks like a kids dream and a parents worst nightmare. Luckily, they have healthy choices like almond butter and matcha to please those of all ages.

Another cool feature is the way you receive your order. Instead of calling your name when its ready, you will receive a number which corresponds to a number on a door. When your order has been prepared, your buzzer will go off and your cereal will be behind your numbered door. Super fun for the kids! Head to Times Square on the fourth of July and check out the new spot. Definitely worth battling the tourists.

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