Kone Sushi: This is how you should roll

Kone Sushi: This is how you should roll

When one mentions “Downtown Miami” there are a few things that come to mind: American Airlines Arena, Bayside, and more than forty streets lined with sketchy looking street walkers. So, when I heard Kone Sushi was located in the heart of Downtown, you can imagine my skepticism. I have avoided Downtown for many years (mostly because of the traffic and lack of parking) I was taken aback when I recently drove through the area. With restaurants lining every corner, businessmen and women walking by, and ample parking garages, I was pleasantly surprised! As I passed the restaurant, I noticed one thing in particular: If you plan on coming to this restaurant during the lunch hour make a reservation, because it was PACKED.

We were seated inside and given a menu and, while I’m not usually fond of pictures on a menu, I believe that it is a necessity in this particular restaurant. The pictures of their specialty rolls make it difficult to choose just one, so you might end up choosing three. No one’s judging. They have a few chef’s specials but my personal favorite is the three fish sashimi topped with spicy mayo, eel sauce, and a hint of truffle oil. DELICIOUS!

As the name implies, you can’t go to KONE sushi without trying their kones. I recommend the appetizer so you have the ability to taste all of them. Don’t leave without trying the Ipanema or the King Crab Kone. If you have room for dessert, I suggest you order the dessert kones. Definitely a must try. They have nutella, brigadiero, guava and cream cheese, coconut, and more. They even give FREE kones to the kids! (Everyone loves free stuff).

And now on to their HAPPY HOUR. I’ve been to many happy hours in Miami, and I can tell you there is no sushi restaurant that does it better. From 4:00 – 7:00pm you can enjoy $5 specialty rolls, $4 appetizers, and $3 drinks. Talk about sushi on a budget!

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