La Mar makes peruvian cuisine a work of art

La Mar makes peruvian cuisine a work of art

As a frequent visitor to the famous ceviche 105 and SuViche, I assumed there was no other way to make Peruvian food better. Yea, I was wrong. I have seen many restaurants go under because they neglect taste for a beautiful aesthetically pleasing plate. Especially in Miami. I have yet to see a restaurant create a work of art while keeping, and excelling, in flavours. Well, here it is. The Mandarin Oriental presents La Mar, Peruvian cuisine for people who love good food yet also like taking pictures of their plates. 😉 Lets start with drinks, shall we?

It seems only fitting that you order the native Peruvian drink, Pisco Sour, to start. They have multiple different forms of the drink although the original is made with barsol quebranta, egg whites, lime, simple syrup, angostura bitters. If you like things on the spicy side, and I mean REALLY REALLY spicy side, order the Smoky Pineapple. Made with tequila and a homemade jalepeño syrup, you might need to keep water near by. This was my favorite. Another fun drink is the Tiki Limeno. It contains 3 different types of alcohol and comes in a cute tiki mug. WIN.

As I said before, the chef takes simple Peruvian cuisine and makes it basically awesome. Theres no other word for it. If you’re a frequent visitor to Peruvian restaurants, you’ve probably had your fair share of ceviches and causas. They have two very unique and delicious ceviches you much order when you go. The Barrio consists of fried calamari, yellowtail snapper, mussels, shrimp, and leche de tigre. Most ceviches don’t have fried fish so this adds a whole new consistency to the dish. Another must order is the Chifa which is made with salmon, peanuts, ginger, wonton strips, cilantro, pickled vegetables, and sesame leche de tigre. This dish resembles a Japanese tar tar which many people love. There is only one causa I STRONGLY recommend and its the King Crab Causa. As it is still a potato-based dish, you still get the original causa flavor but with a twist. The potato contains beet so you can imagine….yes, its pink potato. Delicious pink potato. With king crab, tobiko, avocado, huancaína sauce, cherry tomatoes, and quail eggs, it becomes a work of art. Most beautiful dish I’ve ever seen I swear. Another appetizer thats definitely worth having at your table is the Wagyu Beef which comes as a skewer with chimichurri, bean and rice tacu-tacu, quail eggs, and rocoto pepper sauce. As a main course, it seems only fitting to stick with Peruvian favorites and get the Chaufa Aeropuerto which is the famous rice dish added to it chinese sausage, roasted pork, and a shrimp omelette. As they stir it at your table, it all cooks beautifully in front of you.

For dessert, there are always two types of people at the table. The double chocolate fudge with chocolate sauce and chocolate milk lovers. And the cheese cake with berries type. Thankfully, they please both of you. You can order the chocolate brownie with 60% Peruvian dark chocolate ice cream. And for the presentation lovers, you can appreciate the paint brunch work on this dish. There is also a great coconut ice cream with pineapple chips that is also presented so beautifully you might not want to eat it. But…that feeling passes.

The outside seating is something I highly recommend although the inside is beautiful as well. If you decide to come on Thursdays, definitely take advantage of their happy hour from 4-7 PM. The Specialty cocktails are $8 which includes some of the drinks I recommended.  You can also get a taste of some of the great food served at dinner and lunch for only $4! Take advantage of this trust me….you’ll have so many Pisco Sours that The Korean fried chicken might start talking to you.

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