Mac’s Grub Shack (30 Different Burgers!)


Written by: Jackie Henson


On the north side of Spring Hill, Tennessee in an old shopping center sits a delicious little place called Mac’s Grub Shak. Tucked away, it favors a beach-side snack shack only the locals know about, and we dig the laid-back atmosphere. The owner, Mac, has been in the restaurant biz his entire life working every position from dishwasher to fry cook; you could say he’s had some experience. He knows what tastes good, and the menu demonstrates his unique flare. It features pizza, sandwiches, apps, all kinds of American fare. Keep flipping the pages of the menu, and you’ll find the burger pages. That’s right, pages. Mac and his team have carefully crafted Thirty. Different. Burgers.

If you like beef as much as you should, you’ve found the proverbial promised land. It’s like a real-life Bob’s Burgers motherland. Anything you could imagine on a burger, Mac’s has it. We opted for the “Wake up with Jack Burger” and the “Boss Hogg”. They were made for a serious appetite, and we savored every last bite! The onion rings are pure perfection, and yes, you should splurge and get the sweet potato fries, they’re worth every penny. We will definitely return to try all of Mac’s featured items, but for now, feast your eyes.

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