Ms.Cheezious: Ricotta Read This Post, It’s Grate

Ms.Cheezious: Ricotta Read This Post, It's Grate

If you would like to get your day’s worth of carbs, fats, and proteins in a three and a half minute period, head over to Ms. Cheezious for some of the best melts in Miami. It is a small shop at the corner of 71st and Biscayne. It is known that the best eats are found in the holes and crevices of the world. This is one of them. Miami doesn’t have many boutique, underground food-finds that give you that satisfying feeling of of a $10 meal. But here’s one!

I recommend sitting at the bar so you don’t have to pretend to care what other people are saying, and you can enjoy the deliciousness in silence. If you can’t make it to their restaurant, they also have a food truck that you can visit.

Just as delicious and a different type of experience. I ordered the Mackin Melt, The Croqueta Monsieur (to satisfy the Miamian in me), and the S’mores Melt. Mind you, the people in line behind me thought I was a lunatic but hey, how are you supposed to choose just one? Miami is filled with incredible restaurants and fine dining, but what if you want to put on your fat pants and indulge in a cheat day once in a while? This is where you go.

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