Prime Fish is now hosting one of the best brunches in Miami

Prime Fish is now hosting one of the best brunches in Miami

We all know that Myles Restaurant Group (aka the owners of the Prime restaurants) basically run the South Pointe Beach area. Although they dominate the dinner scene, Prime Fish has now taken on weekend brunch. Miami Beach residents were mildly disappointed to see the big brunch spot, Nemo’s, close a couple years back. However if it had to be replaced by another restaurant, Prime Fish was the perfect  replacement. Being that the Prime restaurants are my favorite in Miami, I might be a little biased to say that the brunch is my new favorite. If you’ve ever stopped by Prime 112 and had the fried red velvet cupcakes or the bacon in a cup, you can imagine that the brunch goes above and beyond just like its sister restaurants. Moral of the story…come hungry.

The brunch has a wide variety of options from specialty sushi and truffle mac and cheese to a general assortment of breakfast favorites. The $50 brunch includes all you can eat of the brunch buffet, BOTTOMLESS mimosas, bloody mary’s, and Belinis as well as any of the classic egg dishes. Nobody likes waiting in line for an omelet while the rest of your food gets cold so this was their way to eliminate that issue. A rule of thumb though: the buffet is filling so I wouldn’t order an egg dish right off the bat. If you do, try the popover (UGH).

To please the healthy-juice-cleansing sort, the very end of the buffet has an assortment of salads, sushi, and vegetable dishes. I overlooked this section and headed straight to the more caloric side obviously. A must try is the Nutella filled french toast as well as the cheddar cheese and ham biscuit sandwiches. If you’ve tried the cheddar cheese bread at Prime 112 you can bet you’ll have 3 or 4 of these. I would also throw a couple scoops of duck confit hash on your plate for good measure. They have a protein section to please the post-workout-hulk-look-a-like types that run all over South Beach which offers beautifully cooked steaks, porks, ect. There is also a section of bagels, cream cheeses, and lox which please the Jewish American princesses of Miami (me). Yes, it makes everyone very happy.

Although the food is great and everything, you cant leave without missing the GIANT dessert counter. No matter how full you think you are, there’s always room for dessert. Always. A few favorites were the peanut butter cup brownie, S’mores bark, flan, and the red velvet cupcake. This is the perfect spot for the family, for business, or for an anniversary. Do yourself a favor and sit outside, enjoy the ocean breeze, drink a mimosa or 5, and eat your heart out. It just started so get over there before everyone finds out! Trust me, you might end up sitting next to Kimmy K next week.

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