Sabores and Botran Rum Team Up

Sabores and Botran Rum Team Up

Most people believe that when pairing a liquor with food, it must be wine. After the event at Sabores in Coral Gables, I was pleasantly surprised to find that rum, when done well, is also a great drink to have while eating a meal. Another interesting thing I learned is that mojitos don’t need to be made with silver rums. Botran Rum brought one of their best bartenders to teach us how to make mojitos from scratch with dark rum. I WOULD be the person to make it completely wrong even with live instructions two feet in front of me but oh well. Fortunately, it still tasted awesome and something everyone should try at home (I have included the recipe at the bottom). Nothing is better than getting people drunk before (and during) a restaurant tasting because everything tastes good no matter what you put on the plate. Fortunately, the food was ACTUALLY good.

Chef James came to Miami in hopes of bringing Spanish-infused dishes to America by opening a great restaurant: Sabores. For gringas like me, its difficult to choose between a delicious croqueta and cuban coffee and a cheese burger. Pero whatever.

There are a few ups and downs to this restaurant. The only real fault is the location. While its location is justified by its recent opening, it is still not in an ideal place and could hurt them in the long run. Although, if you’re a resident in Miami and love getting away from the hustle and bustle of pompous restaurants this is a perfect place to go. If you go once, you’ll be coming back again. While the location might be a turn off, the great food exceeds this fault.

If you’re a Spanish restaurant in Miami, the ‘make it or break it’ of your restaurant lies in little itty bitty fried balls of heaven. Croquetas. If you don’t have good croquetas then BEI. Sabores does, and the chef adds a guava sauce with them so you might leave with a few in your purse. Another popular dish in many tapas restaurants these days are bacon wrapped dates. Dates are as sweet as can be so bacon does a semi-good job of cutting the sweetness with its salt. Chef James was smart enough to pair the two with a blue cheese mousse. A strong pungent cheese is exactly what you need to balance the savory and sweet so these are a MUST order. Nothing is better than good food with good drinks. The only other fault I really found was that I left wanting more; but I guess that isn’t a huge problem.

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