Sugar Factory: Satisfying your alcoholism and sweet tooth at the same damn time

Sugar Factory: Satisfying your alcoholism and sweet tooth at the same damn time

We all know that Ocean Drive is the perfect place to go if you want to get drunk on $70 drinks while enjoying the beautiful smell of tourists. But hidden amongst the bustle of people-watchers is an adult candy store formally referred to as the Sugar Factory. The Goblets ooze with candy and dry ice and are considered the signature drink. They not only excite you and everyone that passes by, but make you think “Damn, this is going to get a lot of likes on Instagram!” Drinks at the Sugar Factory can be a bit on the pricey side, so don’t panic when the check comes (though you might be a little too buzzed to even care). They are definitely worth it.

The martinis are also a necessity at your table. Whether you like chocolate-based drinks, candy-based, or the simple gin and tonic, they have it for you. May I suggest leaving your manly pride at home? Order the Peanut Butter Martini.

When it comes to food, I wouldn’t recommend coming here if you’re on a strict diet. Even if you only order a salad (the salmon salad is quite good) you still need to restrain yourself during the dessert portion of the night. Gone will be the days you thought you had will power. I loved their Mac and Cheese and almost slapped the waiter’s hand when he tried to take the plate away (after all, there was one more bite). You might need to do a few extra reps at the gym, but it’s definitely worth it.

For birthdays, you must get the King Kong Sundae or as I like to call it “diabetes in a bowl”. The gym might not help with this one, but you can always run the entirety of the Miami Beach boardwalk tomorrow! (But don’t be alarmed by the men in thongs).

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