The 13 Pizza Joints You Need to Try in Miami

The 13 Pizza Joints You Need to Try in Miami

Miami is known for many things, but unfortunately pizza isn’t one of them. Its hard to compete with the NYC slice, the deep dish Chicago pizza, or that great Neapolitan pie from a  whole-in-the-wall shop in Italy. Although we might not be in the running for the best pizzerias in the world, do not think we fall short when it comes to delivering great pizzas. Below are some of the best pizza shops in Miami, and each of them will leave you wondering if the term “Miami slice” should be coined.

Mister 01 ($$)

Best for romantic date night. Mister O1 was the best kept secret for a long time but as many of you may know, the secret is out. Mister O1 used to be a hidden restaurant inside of an office building on a side street of Lincoln Road. With no signage outside and no real directions, it was the hardest place to find. Mister O1 has now expanded to Brickell and Wynwood, which is no surprise considering how delicious the pizza is. My favorite pie is the Marco: Italian tomato sauce, fresh burrata stracciatella cheese, arugula, fresh tomatoes, and grated parmesan. It might actually be my favorite artisanal pie in Miami. You also can’t go wrong with any of their Extraordinary Pies (think toppings like truffle, honey and coffee).

Andiamo! Brick Oven Pizza ($)

Best for a families. Serving up brick oven pizzas out of a tire shop since 1954, Andiamo is that neighborhood pie that everyone loves. Dine al fresco on the side of Biscayne Blvd and enjoy the bustle of the MiMo District while devouring  one of their 30 gourmet pies. They also allow you to build your own, so you can choose from toppings like Smoked Gouda, Pancetta, and Broccoli Rabe. This spot is perfect for big families because of its casual and easy dining experience.

Harry’s Pizzeria ($$)

Best for unique toppings. Think short rib, roasted lemon, croquetas, and figs. Harrys is known for partnering up with some of the best local farms, restaurants, and shops to collaborate on unique and delicious pizzas. Their most recent collab with Versailles was the craziest one yet. They came together to create a Cuban pizza with croquetas on top! If you’re feeling like something that isn’t pizza, this spot is also great for other dishes! Try their wings, burrata salad, and warm chocolate chunk cookies.

Lucali ($$)

Best for a fun date night. Lucali is probably the most famous upscale pizzeria in Miami. Located in the heart of Sunset Harbour, it has become the best place for a fun dinner before the weekend festivities. Seating is hard because the space is pretty small, and they don’t take reservations. But its worth the wait! The pies are big enough to share ($24), so one will feed two (hungry) people. I also recommend grabbing a cocktail or two with dinner. After eating, head over to Bay club and continue the party!

Pizza Tropical ($)

Best for a single slice. One of the best “by-the-slices” in Miami is located inside Gramps, Wynwood. So after a night out in Wynwood, theres no better way to end the night than with a good ole pizza slice. The shop is simple with only a few pizza options and a few side options. I always recommend going with the classic cheese, but don’t forget to grab garlic rolls while you’re at it. It’ll be sure to soak up the alcohol.

Sir Pizza ($)

Best for takeout. If you grew up in Miami, chances are you had Sir Pizza (sober or otherwise) at least once in your life. Sir Pizza is definitely one of my favorites in Miami. It’s the perfect pie after a long boat/beach day and is almost exclusively eaten with a side of ranch dipping sauce. The pie is unique from its thickness, to its cubed pepperoni toppings, to its square slice. Do yourself a favor and grab a pie for takeout after a day out on the water.

Stanzione 87 ($$)

Best Pizza for Lunch. Stanzione is one of the best Neapolitan Pizzerias in Miami. Located in the heart of Brickell, Stanzione is the perfect spot for lunch during the work days. Created in wood during ovens, the pizzas are made with toppings like Calabrian peppers, spicy honey, pancetta, and truffle oil. They also have unique menu items like Fried Pizza, vegan pizza, and a Nutella Calzone. If you’re having a hard day at work, do yourself a favor and grab a pie. It’ll brighten up your day, trust me.

Pizza Bar ($)

Best for a late night slice. If you’re headed out to party on Miami Beach this weekend, chances are you need a little cheese and bread to soak up the alcohol. Look no further than Pizza Bar. Located on Collins Ave, Pizza Bar is the perfect spot for a quick late night slice after a long night out. The slices are XXL so you only need one to fill you up. Each slice starts at $5, and a whole XXL pie starts at $34. Open until 2am on week nights, and 5am on weekends!

Miami’s Best Pizza ($)

Best for a pepperoni slice. Miamis Best Pizza in Coral Gables has been a Miami staple for some time now. Although the name says it all, they really do serve a great pepperoni slice. If you’re not feeling like pepperoni, no problem. They have everything from Traditional pies to Specialty pies. You can also build your own pizza with ingredients like: Garlic Butter Crust, cremini mushrooms, and gorgonzola cheese. But here, I think classic is best!

Ironside ($$)

Best for gluten free and vegan pizza options. Ironside is definitely one of the most unique pizzerias in Miami in that they offer GF and V pizza options. They are also a BYOB place, which is definitely not something you find regularly in Miami. Sit outdoors in their cozy patio area and order a bunch of pizzas to share. I recommend the diavola or the Salsiccia E Rapini. If you’re feeling like a pasta, you’re in the right place. Their pastas are homemade and delicious. Try the beef ragu over a bottle of wine!

Steve’s Pizza ($)

Your Childhood pizza. If you’ve heard of Steve’s pizza, its probably because a local raved about how they grew up on it. Serving up pizzas to North Miami locals since 1974, this graffiti-covered pizzeria has been considered “Miamis Best” since its opening. There’s nothing fancy about this spot- wood fired oven, sweet tomato sauce, good pizza dough. Thats all you need. While some would argue against it, you will have twice as many people arguing for this North Miami staple. Serving up simple toppings like pepperoni and sausage, classics are whats best here. It’s always pretty packed on the weekends, so try to make it up there on a weekday!

Frankies Pizza ($)

Best for a square slice. If the signage doesn’t draw you in, the pizza will. Situated on the side of Bird road, Frankies has been serving up the same pizza for over 60 years..with a secret recipe, of course. Their pepperonis crispy up into little cups of oil, the dough is fluffy and airy, and the sauce is sweet and slightly tart all at the same time. If you like Prince Street Pizza in NYC, this is the closest thing to it!


Best for big portions. If you’re trying to get your bang for your buck, this is the place to do it. Sitting right off of the Miami River, Crust has become one of the most popular institutions for Italian food. Not only are they serving up delicious cuisine, but the portions are HUGE! As the name states, you cant visit without trying their pizza. Their famous pie with fig, prosciutto, and blue cheese is one for the books.

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