1. JAYA at the Setai

The long-anticipated day has finally come. After attending the tasting held a few months ago for the new asian-fusion restaurant opening at the Setai, I have been eagerly waiting for this restaurant to open. As a huge fan of asian cuisine, I can proudly say that this place rocks it. The atmosphere is cool, the staff is extremely nice, and the food is awesome. The prices…not so much. But what is a great experience worth to you?? Although I tried many of the dishes, there are a few I could eat over and over again. The pork belly ramen is my favorite dish. Its a small bowl, but packed with flavor. For appetizer, I would order the Pork Belly Bao (yes I love pork belly) and the truffle dumplings (I guess they knew by adding truffle to the menu they’d have every white girl running to their door). For dessert, get the nougat glacé. Its smoking…literally.


Marion is a new french restaurant in the Brickell area. Besides the decor, which includes a market feel as well as an intimate dining setting, the food is also delicious. The prices aren’t the most friendly, but it’s the perfect place for a special occasion. If you’re a fan of artisanal cheeses or charcuterie, this is the place to get it. The cheese selection is brought right to you, allowing you to choose and pair your cheeses with desired wines. I’m a hardcore pasta lover, so I had to order the black truffle pasta. We also ordered the Vintage Parmesan Plin with roasted lamb jus and melted onions. That is a must order if you go. For dessert, the profiteroles are the way to go. It’s a French restaurant, come on!


So this place isn’t exactly a restaurant, but its the first donut shop in Miami. And not just any donuts, but artisan donuts. Each flavor is jam packed with hand picked ingredients and has that culinary genius feel to it. No only do they taste amazing, but they’re BEAUTIFUL. They sell out quickly, which should show you how great they actually are, so I would get there early. Their food truck is adorable and is located in the heart of Wynwood. Although they change their menu frequently, I would definitely get the spiked donut holes (yes they have donuts with liquor), and the Boston Cream. Im obsessed.


This Italian restaurant has been located in Mary Brickell for quite awhile now, but it’s totally worth a visit if you haven’t gone. The bruschetta with truffle honey, bufala ricotta, and walnuts is incredible. If you’re a pasta person like me, the Maccheroni Al Sugo Toscano is delicious! It’s made with Beef Ragu, olive oil, and Parmigiano. If you want feel good Italian food, here’s your place.


Red has been around for quite awhile, but I say with great embarrassment that It was only this week that I had first visited the restaurant. Shame on me, I know. The food is outstanding, the service is great, and its not too crowded of a restaurant. If you don’t order a steak, you f*cked up, and if you do get the mac n cheese on the side, you also might as well just leave. I swear to you it’ll be the best decision you make. The wines are delicious so let them pair a good red with your steak. For dessert, there isn’t really a wrong choice. I got the s’mores bar which was delicious, but everything else looked great as well. I would go with a bunch of people just to have an excuse to order them all ;).

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