This new restaurant in the heart of Midtown serves up some AMAZING French meets Mediterranean food. Besides the fact that the food is way too spot on, they also have the cutest atmosphere with pink flowers lining the entire roof. The mascarpone truffle and mozzarella pizza are out of this world and if you’re feeling fancy, get the duck with mashed potatoes and caramelized apples. Although if you’re heading to a French restaurant, it’s a slap in the face if you leave without ordering a Croque Madame/Monsieur. It’s the sandwich of gods. It’s one of those things you eat without speaking for 10 minutes. So. Perfect. Just in case you don’t know, this sandwich contains ham or turkey, swiss cheese (on the inside and on top), Béchamel sauce, and topped with a fried egg. I highly recommend this place.


Alter has proven that a few concepts can not only work, but prevail. They follow a Miami Spice menu year around which leaves you with the perfect amount of food AND for a good price. While Wynwood is known for its low-key artsy restaurants, Alter has joined the scene with an upscale concept that many didn’t think would work in the area. Well, it has. The menu isn’t huge nor are the portions, but the flavors are overly present in every dish. Must order: blue crab shumai, flank steak, chocolate mousse.


This place has the coolest atmosphere. It’s kinda like an upscale/adult Rainforest Cafe. The menu consists of dishes from all over the world. From tempura shrimp bao buns to cheesesteak egg rolls, this restaurant appeases all appetites. Not only is the food great, but the drinks are designed beautifully. The Bump and Rind comes in an awesome looking tiki mug and the Amburana Cobbler comes in a skull mug. As if drinking wasn’t fun already.


The local house has apparently been a spot for great brunch for a while now…why didn’t I know about it? In any case, the place is very “Miami Beach-esque” with a light and fun atmosphere. The brunch is served all week long which is a definite plus. Get yourself a crab cake eggs benedict and a mimosa pitcher for the table. If you’re feeling like lunch, get the chuck brisket and short rib burger. SO GOOD. After lunch, head up to the roof and enjoy the view.


Let me first say that this restaurant isn’t in the best of locations, but the food definitely makes up for it. It’s a small boutique restaurant with delicious food and wine pairings. There are a few must-orders that include the meatballs, brussels sprouts, and the Bouillabaisse. Although I was only there for dinner, I’m sure the lunch is delicious as well. The garlic bread is… WOW. So get as much of that as you can. For dessert, they have a sundae, unlike any other sundae. Trust me and get it.

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