Video Of the Week: Bacon-Mac Bun Burger

Video Of the Week: Bacon-Mac Bun Burger

The Video

The Ingredients

The cholesterol-raising mother of burgers is finally ready to show off its recipe. The FoodBeast winning bacon cheeseburger might be a mouth full, but it’s definitely turned some heads. Now you all can make high blood pressure at home!

• 1 Lean burger patty (for health reasons you know)

• 1 Large package of Bacon

• 2 eggs

• 1 cup flour

• 1 cup Panko bread crumbs

• 1 Package Mac and Cheese

• Burger toppings to your liking

The Steps

Step 1.

Make the Mac and Cheese according to box directions. Use two flat bottom round bowls and pack the mac and cheese down into each bowl. Make sure not to make the mac “patties” too thick because you still have to wrap it in bacon. Place both bowls of mac and cheese in the freezer for ~1 hour. While the mac and cheese is in the freezer, set up your flour, eggs, and Panko bread crumbs. All should be on individual plates. Also, set up your bacon station. Place four strips of bacon parallel each other (horizontal) while slightly overlapping and three strips in parallel (vertical).

Step 2.

Once the mac and cheese is ready, CAREFULLY use a knife to go around the edges of the mac patty until it is loose and can be taken out of the bowl. Place each patty in the flour first, covering it entirely, and then in the egg wash followed by the Panko bread crumbs. After the mac patties have been breaded, place one of them in the middle of the paralleled strips. Fold the strips towards the center, slightly covering the patty. Then place another three strips of bacon in parallel and repeat the previous step, so the entire patty is covered.

Step 3.

Place both bacon wrapped patties in the oven at 400 degrees for ~30 minutes or until bacon is golden brown.

Step 4.

While the patties are baking, start to grill your LEAN burger. Once that is cooked, you can add the toppings you would like ( I added butter lettuce, tomato, and red onion).

Step 5.

Take the mac patties out of the oven and let cool. Build it up once it has cooled down, grab your napkin bibs, forks and knives, and EAT!

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